Psalm 90

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Description:A deep and careful reflection upon our sinfulness, God’s wrath, our short span of life and eventual death will reveal our utter reliance upon God’s mercy to save and His will to establish in and through us an eternal grace.

Psalm 67

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Description:Those who delight themselves in praising God cannot help but desire that others may be brought to praise Him for his salvation and long for the day when all the nations shall bow before Him.

Psalm 27

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Description:Since God is the light and strength by whom and in whom we live, let our hearts be secure in Christ and our minds fixed upon Christ, expectantly waiting for His deliverance in all circumstances.

Psalm 2

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Description:Those who yield their lives to the King now are wise and blessed, and “dreadful is the folly of those who continue in enmity toward the King.”

Psalm 1

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Description:God gives the psalmist a vision of His will for life - not just any life - a blessed, joyful, happy, life - and God uses that vision to speak to you and to me.

God's Will Revealed in Providential Circumstnces

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Description:God’s Will is revealed through His providence - His sovereign and benevolent governance and guidance over all things for the purpose of being known by every living soul.

Mark 15

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Description:Jesus died so that the people who killed Him would see who He truly is.

Mark 14:1-52

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Description:Jesus lays down His life for those who will betray and abandon Him.

Mark 12:38-44

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Description:Jesus demands genuine devotion and obedience rather than hypocritical piety.

Mark 12

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Description:All of our answers concerning who God is and what God is doing are visible when God became present as the man Jesus.

Mark 11

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Description:Jesus comes as a humble king who prepares His temple for the fruitfulness of His coming Kingdom.

Mark 10:32-52

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Description:Jesus has done something for us that we cannot do for ourselves, and knowing Jesus rightly allows us to know and love God more earnestly, trust Him more courageously, and relate to Him more authentically.

Mark 10:1-30

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Description:Following Jesus has implications for even the most basic, yet most important parts of life together: Marriage, children, and possessions; and each time His teaching reorients the deeper focus and goes against what people expected.

Romans 8 - More Than Conquerors With Christ

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Description:Because of God’s great love for us, the assurance we have in Christ’s victory, and Christ’s constant intercession on our behalf, we are now more than conquerors with Him.

Romans 8 - All Things Together For Good Friday

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Description:Not only does the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday make Good Friday "Good", but it opens up the possibility that every terrible thing that has ever happened could be worked by God together for good.

Mark 9 - The Deity of Jesus Revealed

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Description:The transfiguration reveals the glorious true identity and deity of Jesus Christ so that we now know that the road to true greatness is found in following Jesus Christ, even in spite of our failures.

Mark 8 - Jesus the Messiah

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Description:Jesus has the power to overcome our spiritual blindness and open our eyes that we may see that following Jesus involves dying to self so that we may find life in Christ.

Mark 7 - The Greatest Enemy

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Description:Jesus calls us to trust not in our own external righteousness but in His perfect work on our behalf.

Mark 6 - Redefining "Home"

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Description:The divine authority of Christ can be seen in His divine wisdom and power, which is imparted to those whom He has sent and made visible in His presence, providence, and power.

Mark 5 - Jesus Defies Our Expectations

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Description:God defies our expectations as He restores victims of desperate circumstances who have no hope apart from Jesus.

Mark 4 - The Kingdom in Parable

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Description:God is saving sinners by the spreading of His word; so that when it is heard and heeded the result is a miraculous display of its fruitfulness and power.

Mark 3 - The Ministry and Influence of Jesus

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Description:Those who are bound by disease and evil spirits are the special object of Jesus’ compassion and may find complete deliverance in Him, but those who set themselves against being convinced of the power of Christ by trying to explain it away, or attributing it to the devil, are sinning against their only hope.

Mark 2 - The Power and Authority of Jesus

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Description:Jesus demonstrates His supreme power and authority through healing, forgiving, and restoring here on earth.

Mark 1 - The Inauguration of a New Kingdom

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Description:Jesus demonstrates and announces the inauguration of a new kingdom - one marked by repentance and faith in the Good News - and he has the power to declare freedom to the captives of all things physical and spiritual.

Mark 1:1 God Introduces and Reveals Himself

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Description:God is revealing Himself and bringing glory to His name by saving the nations through the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 2 - Resolved

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Description:God speaks to the soul of a human being, not according to human wisdom, but by the radically Good News of Jesus.

Luke 2 - God Gladly Enters Into the Mess

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Description:In Jesus Christ, God enters into simple, humble, and unremarkable circumstances to demonstrate that He desires to bring glory to His name by saving and redeeming His people - no matter their helpless state.

Luke 1 - Songs of Joyful Celebration

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Description:God is glorifying himself by saving and redeeming people through Jesus Christ, so we celebrate by faith what is coming to pass - a deeper reality than ourselves - with profound joy.

Luke 1 - Certainty and Security in the Coming King

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Description:God is at work by the power of His Spirit to demonstrate to the world that Jesus is the Lord and King that will fulfill the desires and dreams of every human being at His final return.

Romans 6 - The Gospel Made Visible in Baptism

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Description:The Good News to which we cling is that Jesus has died, been buried, and has been raised on our behalf; so baptism is an open declaration to the world – a picture of the Good News.

1 Timothy 1 - Saved To God's Mission

Adam Stahr


Description:To be saved THROUGH God's mission is to be saved TO God's mission.

Hosea 13 - The Culmination of God's Judgment

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Description:The consequences of human sinfulness are visible in suffering and death, but God has the power to take even the consequences of sin and use them as the means for the salvation of His people and the glory of His Name.

Hosea 6 - God's Mercy vs. Sacrifice

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Description:If the people of God are going to faithfully display the charater of God to the world, then they are to do so by having their identity rooted in the mercy only He can give, not by their own effort.

Hosea 4-6 - The Message of Hosea Unfolding

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Description:God's faithfulness can be seen as He brings consequences for sin in order that His people might return to Him.

Hosea 3 - Hosea Buys Back His Wife

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Description:Even though punishment for sin loomed over the heads of God’s people, Hosea demonstrates a sign that God would still love them and hold them to Himself and His ways; and in spite of their unfaithfulness, one day He would restore them to a new kingdom with a new, good king.

Hosea 2 - God Responds to Unfaithfulness

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Description:While the consequences of the sin of idolatry are numerous and visible, these consequences are evidence of God’s love for us and His desire for our greater joy, which can only be found in Him.

Hosea 1 - God Reveals Himself Through Covenant

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Description:God reveals and relates Himself to us through a covenant - the strongest possible bond conceivable.

Hosea 1 - God Speaks To and Through Hosea

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Description:God reveals His character most clearly amidst the brokenness of a fallen, sinful world; and He asks His people to demonstrate His character and the brokenness of the world by remarkable, costly means.

Hosea 1:1 - The Word of the Lord Comes

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Description:When God speaks, light and life come into being — whether in all of creation or through the Bible — but most especially, sufficiently, and clearly through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Acts 28 - The Kingdom Movement

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Description:The person and work of Jesus is the Good News that God’s Kingdom has now come — Good News that the Church now announces and demonstrates to the world.

Acts 28 - The Last Leg

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Description:God has placed us where we are to represent Jesus Christ so that the world will be blessed even when calamity befalls us; so let us be confident in His promise to save us and ready to do every good work wherever the waves of events may take us.

Acts 27 - Paul Sails For Rome

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Description:As Paul departs toward Rome, we are reminded that human beings are in a desperate situation in need of God’s help and we are called to believe His word and rely on His power for deliverance. The story demonstrates the opportunity that the follower of Jesus Christ has in such a situation to (1) draw attention to the character of God and (2) to encourage unbelievers to turn to him for mercy.

Acts 26

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Description:According to Jesus’ own plan, His followers will experience circumstances of protection and persecution for His name’s sake; and each and every instance is actually an opportunity to bear witness to the hope we now have in Him.